Brave Frontier cheat

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Brave Frontier cheat
Brave Frontier cheat


iOS and Android are back arrivals Brave Frontier RPG , this game was made by Singapore Developers origin . But we can not look at one eye on the game Brave Frontier . As with games like Brave Frontier 2 -dimensional packed with cute graphics . This can be seen from the design of the characters and monsters are small and cute . The characteristics of this game is a game system that is narrowed down gamers only need a strategy to fight without thinking the other . Another unique feature is the availability of Fuse . Corresponding means fuse is a technique for combining multiple characters or monsters that we get to strengthen the character of the target . Examples of the character elements fuse with the wind in electricity and fire element monsters that produces characters experience points coupled with element attack power increase. No party member can be created by our own . Each mission we carry out, the player will be given a list of characters belonging to other players to help to adventure

Brave Frontier cheat

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