Dragon Friends: Green Witch Hack

Dragon Friends: Green Witch Hack for Gold & Gems

Dragon Friends: Green Witch is a really fun and entertaining game to play, but you need a lot of gold and gems in order to get the items you need to progress through the game.


You can get gold and gems through the app store, but it will cost you real money, and that really adds up. If you would like to get the gems and gold for free, then download our Dragon Friends: Green Witch hack tool, which is available right here from the website.

Check out the picture below and you will notice how easy the Dragon Friends: Green Witch hack tool is to use. Simply enter the amounts of gems and gold that you would like to add right into the options menu.

First, download the free hack tool for Dragon Friends: Green Witch, which takes about 20 seconds, and then it automatically installs in about 20 seconds as well. Then you have to select either Android or iOS, depending on the device you are using. You can then enter the amounts of gold and gems that you would like to add to your gaming account.

Lastly, click on “Start” to begin the Dragon Friends: Green Witch hack tool, which takes around 30 seconds, and then open up the app on your device as normal once the hack has finished. At that point, you will see the gold and gems have already been added to your gaming account. Using our free hack tool allows you to enjoy Dragon Friends: Green Witch more, since you will be able to get the items you need using the gold and gems without spending money in the app store.

Dragon Friends: Green Witch Cheats & Tips

The main thing to remember in Dragon Friends: Green Witch is that it’s an online only game. You will need a stable internet connection to play it correctly. Losing connection can cause all kinds of issues, like losing progress.


If you’ve got that covered, you might be interested in some cheats and tips for the game.Well, as it’s an online game, you will not find any real working cheats, but you can read plenty of hints and tricks!

The first tip you might want to remember is that quests are you friends. Always try to follow them and do what the Shy people ask in them, as they will give you rewards for each successful task. You can get gold, gems and even hearts from quests, all of which will enhance your gameplay greatly.


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