Initiating this mentor:

  • Press F1 at principle menu.
  • Tune in for ‘Coach Activated’.
  • Press coveted hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the coach.GRIM DAWN TRAINER

Mentor Options:

  • NumPad1: Infinite Health
  • NumPad2: Infinite Energy
  • NumPad3: One Hit Kills
  • NumPad4: No Potion Cooldown
  • NumPad5: No Spell Cooldown
  • NumPad6: Increase Selected Skill By 1
  • NumPad7: Change Gold By 5000
  • NumPad8: Change EXP By 500
  • NumPad9: Change Attribute Points By 5
  • NumPad0: Change Skill Points By 5
  • NumPad/: Change Devotion Points By 5
  • NumPad*: Super Running Speed
  • NumPad-: Super Attack Speed
  • NumPad+: Change Selected Item Quantity By 5
  • NumPad.: Remove All Item Requirements

Manager Options:

  • Quality Points
  • Expertise Points
  • EXP
  • Level
  • Gold
  • Dedication Points


  • Chosen Item Quantity: Mouse HOVER a thing in your stock and press hotkey to change the amount.
  • Expel All Item Requirements: While dynamic all things in your stock have no prerequisites. This works lasting. So regardless of the possibility that you incapacitate the choice, once the prerequisites are expelled they remain evacuated.
*Use this link to download GRIM DAWN TRAINER on your Windows or Mac Computer, updated Wednesday 25th April 2018
*Use or download GRIM DAWN TRAINER using your iOS or Android device. You can unlock the download link and save it for later:

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