Sunshine Bay Hack

Sunshine Bay is a new managerial and strategic simulation game that just entered open beta on Facebook. A island-building simulator, the game takes you into a beautiful tropical island and put you in charge of its development.
Sunshine Bay starts in a conventional style with the greeting captain and a brief introduction of your mission. You are selected to take the office but you need to figure out the reason behind the appointment as you do your job. blue waters, palm-covered undeveloped lands in large size and a couple of houses and several waterborne facilities – that is the basic island you start off with and will turn into a glamorous hub without the trace of the past emptiness.
Following the quest line is the shortcut for quick growth. Construct residential buildings from bungalows to Italian Villas to boost passenger number, build electricity-generating plants to power all buildings, set up yacht-related facilities above the water to gain money, materials and experience, purchase seven types of yachts to set sails for voyage, plant palm trees to decorate the land and build a variety of commercial structures from stores to spa centers to casino to attract abundant visitors.
Other than building on the island, you will also construct a series of waterborne facilities such as piers, docks and wharfs that serve to maintain the various yachts and help successful sails. You need to set sails frequently to bring back different items, part of which can make sets of collection, and win experience for level up. Besides, you can also invite other yachts that are passing by to anchor in your dock temporarily to show your hospitality and get some rewards.

*Use this link to download Sunshine Bay Hack on your Windows or Mac Computer, updated Saturday 24th March 2018
*Use or download Sunshine Bay Hack using your iOS or Android device. You can unlock the download link and save it for later:
Also, you can download by torrent:

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