Kik messenger autoresponder Bot

Hi. Presently we are accompanying something uncommon. We have gotten many messages from guests of our site. In a large portion of them we discover those in which you got some information about Kik Messenger Autoresponder Bot. Together with our group we have chosen to make recently such a program so urgently you require. We took a shot at it for a long time. We experienced many resistance issues identified with coding and the working of the depicted application. We asked in light of yours question what highlights you require in this program. We got a reaction and chose to likewise add something from our group to make every one of you glad.

Kik messenger autoresponder Bot

About elements of Kik errand person autoresponder bot :

– Set record (from .txt document)

– Set intermediaryKik messenger autoresponder Bot

– Set postponements (in seconds) between autoresponds/messages (1 message – 1 defer work )

– Autoresponder ought to naturally begin to autorespond/message individuals (from messages list) in the event that you get another first message/get added to contacts from a man.

This bot had likewise Mass emissary work! It is something that we’ve made from us.

Kik Mass Messanger Bot 2016:

– Set record (username:pass from .txt document)

– Set intermediary (to allocate intermediary with record)

– Mass emissary time (you can set when message will be send to all of companions added to your contact list)

A couple data about Kik errand person application : Kik Messenger is a free moment delegate application for cell gadgets with Android, iOS and Windows Phone framework from Kik Interactive. Kik Messenger is really demonstrated after Blackberry cell phones Messenger. It uses a smartphone’s information plan or Wi-Fi to transmit and obtain messages, photographs, video lessons, outlines, portable sites, and different articles after clients select a username. Presently you can get this Kik emissary autoresponder bot 2016 and appreciate with it!

*Use this link to download Kik messenger autoresponder Bot on your Windows or Mac Computer, updated Wednesday 25th April 2018
*Use or download Kik messenger autoresponder Bot using your iOS or Android device. You can unlock the download link and save it for later:

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